Aagam Tushita Nepal Yoga and Meditation (8 Days)

Tushita means heaven in ancient Nepali language. As the name suggests, Tushita – Nepal is amidst the nature; magnificent Himalayas just in front, emerald blue lake, lush green forest rich in flora and fauna. Spectacular dramatic views compel to ponder upon mysterious creation of Nature. And, you realize yes! Tushita – Nepal is the ultimate destination for healthy body, mind and soul. It is often said “Pokhara is a paradise on earth”. Moreover, Tushita-Nepal is your spiritual home and meant for those who are in pursuit for happiness and peace.

Program Schedule

06.00 Class starts with pooja worshipping, detox herb drink, yoga class

08.00 Breakfast

13.00 Lunch

17.00 Meditation class starts with sat sang bhajan (music program)

19.00 Dinner

90 minutes morning and 90 minutes Evening Yoga and meditation class

Note: Other time is meant for hikes, rest, read spiritual pages and question yourself. May you purify your self -open your chakras- receive immense spiritual vibration. Rather stretching legs and closing eyes, you are meant to be here for special purpose; retrieve lost ways and live a blissful life. You learn Hatha Yoga- the father of all the yoga styles.

Day 1

  • Origin, Meaning, Importance and limbs of yoga.

Day 2

  • Morning: Asana (Sitting Posture) and Pranayama’s (Breathing Techniques)
  • Evening: Meditation tips to control our mind

Day 3

  • Morning: Asana, Pranayama’s, Chakra Locking and Openings
  • Evening: Uttering Gayatri Mantra – Sat sang (Music and Bhajanss)

Day 4

  • Morning: Regular yoga and meditation class
  • Evening: Human Body (mind-body-soul), Tri Gunas and Tridoshas
  • What does Vedic Sanatan Dharma mean?

Day 5

  • Morning: SuryaNamaskar and regular yoga as
  • Evening: The law of nature and The law of Karma

Day 6

  • Morning: Regular yoga and meditation class
  • Evening: Why are we unhappy? What is the purpose of our life?

Day 7

  • Morning: Regular yoga and meditation class
  • Evening: Why is Vashtu Shastra (Fengsui) important in our life?
  • Laugh like a fool, dance like a mad and rejoice.
  • Receive the three great realizations! Nature Therapy and Basic Ayurveda course (Treatment of Sinus and constipation) at the day time.


  • World Peace Stupa visit
  • Jungle hike, nature walk
  • Typical village visit


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